Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus​ Toronto
Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

The Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus will be Canada’s largest cluster of AI, machine learning, deep learning, biomedical and bioengineering teams, the country’s largest concentration of research-based startups and faculty and student entrepreneurs. It will also be home to some of the world’s top minds in the humanities and social sciences. The Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre will enable U of T to capitalize on its unique research strengths, spark innovation, act as a magnet for talent and ideas, and become a key driver of economic growth for Toronto and Canada.

Cockerton + Co is responsible for creating the business strategy, stakeholder engagement plan, propositions (space, services and programmes), marketing strategy and the operational model for the Schwartz Reisman Innovation Campus, Phase Two.