Globally recognised innovation centres

We design, build and operate globally recognised innovation centres, with past projects including Level39, Plexal, LORCA and many more.

Innovation centres are not just co-working spaces. They’re complex organisations that attract and support high-value, multi-disciplinary communities for a shared purpose. Whether its revolutionising financial services through technology or building game-changing health care applications using artificial intelligence, our innovation spaces drive real progress.

Plexal birds eye view

How do innovation centres work?

Future of the workplace

Innovation centres are the future of the workplace, with flexible membership models that allow convenient access to the space. Members can meet there for critical business activities like working, collaborating, prototyping, pitching, showcasing and building industry-wide communities.

Effective “software” layer

On top of infrastructure, innovation centres provide a compelling and effective “software” layer to make the place hum. It includes business services, accelerator programming, community events and a member’s app that makes connection and access easy.

Accelerating the innovator

It is this combination of digitally enabled workspaces, brilliant programming, a curated community, and flawless execution that makes lasting impact. This is our strength– building places that transform industries for the better, accelerating the innovator to success by bringing the right people, resources and inspiration together.

Every innovation project is bespoke and has three main pillars:
Top quality working, making and meeting space
Business services and innovation programming to drive value for members
Relevant and industry specialised community content to deliver differentiation and competitive advantage to the location

Why build innovation centres?

Innovation centres give meaning to a location and differentiate real estate assets, which in turn drives premium rental rates and desirability of the surrounding district.

The centres impact not only those who operate within them—like start-ups, corporate innovation teams, makers—but on the stakeholder ecosystem that surrounds them. That means the investors who back the companies, the students who find exciting first jobs, the corporate community seeking partnerships, and the local councils who see job creation and investment as a direct result.

We build bespoke, commercially sustainable innovation ecosystems which become icons of industry transformation and technological progress. Call us to discuss your project, your place, and your purpose.

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A 68, 000 sq ft AI and Sport Tech innovation centre on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


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